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School Food Environment Effecting Health Status of School Going Children

School food environments are considered to be influencing the health status of school going children. There is an alarming increase in childhood ill-health worldwide. Childhood obesity and undernutrition as well is becoming epidemic. Dietary practice of a child depends upon the food available near his/ her environment. School food environment includes the food consumed at school and even what the child is consuming while going to school and coming back home. Short-term hunger is a common practice observed during childhood which is mostly met by consuming low nutrient energy dense snack food items. Now-a-days media has a great impact on the diet choices of children. Parents should help their children in selecting the proper nutritious food. Government has implemented various school feeding programmes to control malnutrition among school children especially benefitting children belonging to low socio-economic groups. Teachers can inculcate good feeding habits through these school lunches provided by the government. After the broad discussion on primary and secondary data it was revealed that due to excess consumption of junk food children are suffering from obesity. It was also revealed that children who are neglecting breakfast before coming to school have a negative effect on their academic performance and prolonged consumption of calorie and protein deficit diet children belonging to poor economic families are suffering from undernutrition.

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