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Universal access to quality healthcare is a dream we all share. Fitto aims to make this a reality. A handshake between the technical expertise of software engineers and the medical prowess of reliable doctors has made Fitto a unique solution to accessing quality healthcare.

The COVID-19 pandemic has made online consultations or telemedicine a must for most healthcare providers across the globe. However, while most physicians agree to certain limitations of telemedicine, very few have strived to bridge the gap between a patient and the virtual doctor. We, at Fitto, have introduced “Fitto Peripherals”. These devices shall remove many barriers of telemedicine and aid better diagnosis and treatment. But even with these peripherals, some patients might need the physical touch of a doctor. For them we have our Fitto Clinics. The 1st one was set up in Kolkata, the 2nd in Bengaluru; these polyclinics are equipped to deal with almost any and every non-emergency case. Doctors outside the Fitto Family can also book our clinics at an hourly rate to consult with their patients. We shall support them with all the medical equipment and support staff necessary. Finally, for those patients who are not comfortable with either of these facilities, Fitto brings the option of Housecalls, where a doctor will visit the patient at their preferred location.

Across the three avenues of Telemedicine, Clinic & Housecall, we have a wide range of departments, each guided by experienced doctors; on the other hand, Block Chain and 64-bit encryption technology ensures security of patient records. Fitto will aim to grow with every opportunity and very soon make universal access to quality healthcare a reality in India.

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